What are the Advantages of Bespoke Shutters?

bespoke shutters by Shuttertec

There are many advantages of bespoke shutters. Bespoke features help to make your home unique, and this is especially true of bespoke shutters. Shutters make your home look amazing, and they come with some real practical advantages, such as keeping in warmth and being able to tailor the amount of light coming through. And, being bespoke, they’ll be the perfect fit for your windows.

Should You Go Bespoke?

Your home should fit your lifestyle and reflect your tastes. After all, your home is an extension of who you are! But you don’t have to go all-out with expensive bespoke building projects to achieve a bespoke look for your living space. It’s all in the details.

Bespoke fittings add a distinctive character to your home. They aren’t something you’ll see in every home, and when you do see them, they look the part, because they have been put together to fill a specific space, complement a specific style, and meet a particular need.

Image of a close up of a bespoke shutter

One of the details that makes a big difference to a room is how you dress your windows. Whether open or closed, up or down, the window dressing ties a room together and complements your décor. Or, if it is done badly, it can look out of place and horrible! That’s why it is worth investing the time into really thinking about your window dressing.

Bespoke shutters are a fantastic window dressing. Tailored to your space, style, and home, they are sure to give the wow factor!

We design our bespoke window shutters to fit your specific window space. They’re hardwearing, and they help insulate your windows as well as allowing you to control natural light in your home.

All this, and they look fantastic too.

The Visual Advantage of Bespoke Shutters

Shutters can be beautiful additions to a home. They come in a choice of styles to fit your space, such as:

  • Full height shutters which make a real statement, covering the entire window area, but are also incredibly versatile
  • Tier on tier shutters for added flexibility, giving you the option of opening one level, but keeping another closed
  • Waterproof shutters, which lose nothing in style, but designed to be highly hardwearing for where you have moisture or humidity, in a bathroom or kitchen for example
  • Café style shutters that allow you to keep the top part of your window uncovered to let natural light in but keep prying eyes out

You can also have bespoke shutters in custom colours, to maximise their visual appeal.

Improve Your Ventilation and Insulation

Bespoke shutters are a great way of letting more air circulate inside your home because they’re so easily adjustable. And you can do this without feeling that you’re exposing yourself to the outside world.

When it’s sunny outside, shutters will deflect the sunlight, helping to keep your rooms cool. But when the weather turns chillier, bespoke shutters also provide good insulation for your windows. They keep out chilly drafts, because we fit them exactly to your specific window dimensions.

Keep as Private as You Like

If you want the ultimate in privacy, without feeling like you’re too hemmed in, shutters are the perfect answer. You don’t want to feel you’re in a goldfish bowl, but what are your options? Net curtains? Not likely. At the same time, you don’t want to have your curtains closed all the time.

Bespoke shutters have slats that will allow daylight into your room, but are wide enough to obscure the view of anyone outside. They’re easy to adjust, so you can achieve the balance of natural light and privacy you want, depending on how light or dark it is outside.

Again, the versatility of shutter designs gives you plenty of choice when it comes to your privacy, whether it’s full-length, tier on tier or café shutters you go for.

Control Natural Light

Getting plenty of natural light is good for your wellbeing, and helps you make the most of your living space. But you won’t always want light flooding through windows, dazzling you or heating up the room.

Bespoke shutters let you control the natural light coming into your home. By angling the louvres, you can control not only how much light you’re getting, but also its direction. This way, you continue to experience the benefits of natural light with none of the inconvenience.

Image of two tier bespoke shutters from Shuttertec

Built to Last, Easy to Clean and Safe

There’s nothing flimsy about bespoke window shutters. These are solid, durable fittings which will give you years and years of practical use.

Their design is functional and unfussy but visually pleasing, giving them an enduring, classic appeal, which will work with a broad range of interior design ideas for your home. Whatever else you decide to do to your home when you redecorate it, your bespoke shutters can become a permanent feature.

Looking after them is easy. A soft damp cloth will get rid of any dust or grime, and you don’t need to take them down to clean them.

If you’ve got kids, you won’t have to worry about their safety with shutters. There are no strings or dangling cords

Find Your Perfect Bespoke Shutters

We don’t have a shop, because each set of shutters we provide we make to a unique set of specifications. We supply these shutters throughout Essex, Kent and London. Give us a call on 0800 023 5754, or email info@shuttertec.uk for more information.