Tier On Tier Window Shutters In Essex

When it comes to renovating or simply redecorating your home, it’s essential to implement features that look amazing and provide a more customisable, user-friendly environment. With Tier on Tier shutters, you have an incredible level of control when configuring light, temperature and privacy.

bathroom tier on tier shutters

Why Choose Tier on Tier Shutters?

Tier on Tier shutters cover the entire window space, but unlike other products, they have independent shutter panels at the top and bottom. This not only gives these shutters a unique and stylish aesthetic but in terms of practicality, they are among the top choices for homeowners in need of flexibility.

Independent sections allow users to configure Tier on Tier shutters to suit their exact light and privacy needs. It’s a common problem to want more natural light coming in but being concerned about people seeing into your home. With these versatile shutters, you can easily flood a room with beautiful sunshine through the top section while maintaining your and your family’s privacy with a closed bottom section.

We are incredibly proud of the quality and versatility of our Tier on Tier shutters, and it’s fair to say that no other window product on the market is as efficient when it comes to this level of control. We recommend that this style of shutters is generally fitted into tall windows, ideally with an equal 50/50 split due to the panel rail sizes.

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