Do Window Shutters Provide Efficient Security?

Do Window Shutters Provide Efficient Security?

Over the last few years, home security – not cybersecurity, but the more ‘old-school’ kind of security, against someone physically breaking into the home – isn’t something that many of us will have necessarily spent a lot of time thinking about. After all, the COVID-19 pandemic led to great numbers of people working from home, … Read more

How To Repair Window Shutters

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While we will always be great advocates for window shutters here at Shuttertec – and the length of the guarantees we provide with our own shutters tells you everything about our confidence in their quality – even we won’t pretend that window shutters are invincible. Whether you bought your window shutters from us or any … Read more

Are All Interior Shutters Waterproof?

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No! Not all interior shutters are waterproof. Traditional shutters are made from real wood, which is durable and beautiful but can be damaged if exposed to water or humidity. However, waterproof shutters are available – and they are just as durable and beautiful as wooden shutters. In fact, they are almost identical to their wooden counterparts.

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