Shaped Shutters for Shaped Windows

Imagine any space, no matter how unusual or awkward with a design statement that’s practical, precisely fitted and picture perfect.

Why Choose Shaped Window Shutters?

Increasingly, homes are imbued with all manner of window shapes and sizes – unique features can add character to any wall, roof or ceiling. But they’re not always practical and it can be hard to find coverings that fit. Not so with our shutters for shaped windows. They let you take back control of light and privacy and make a bold design statement at the same time.

Shaped shutters are tailormade to perfectly fit your window. More often than not, they sit within the window frame, meaning they don’t take up any space or intrude on a room. Even when the shaped shutters are fully closed, you can admire the unusual shape of your unique window.

Want to find a plantation shutter for your awkward window? Guess what, we can do the following;
– Porthole shutters / round shutters
– Triangular shutters
– Octagon shutters
– Arched shutters
– Half round shutters
– Parallelogram shutters

…..and much more. As you can see, we’ve got almost every type of window covered for shutter which means that your product will be totally unique to you.

Do they still operate like normal window shutters?
Yes they do! Our unusual shutters still operate and work in the same way as normal plantation shutters. Mostly, the panels are still hinged. You’ll have a working set of louvres you can use to control the light and privacy. Win, win all round.


Want to know more about our shaped window shutters and how they can improve the quality of your home? Get in touch today to book an appointment and discuss your needs with our team of designers!

Check out Shuttertec’s shaped shutters in the wild! Here are a few examples of previous client projects that included unusually shaped windows and openings.