Express Blinds & Shutters

It’s not uncommon for customers to require a quicker turnaround for their shutters. And for the team at Shuttertec, this is always something we can accommodate. Our express shutters are the ideal solution if you require bespoke shutters as quickly as possible. 

Express shutters from Shuttertec

Why Choose Express Shutters?


The typical lead time for bespoke Shuttertec shutters is around 12-14 weeks, which of course, is well worth the wait — but we understand that some customers lack the luxury of time.

For this reason, our express shutters provide such a brilliant solution for customers who need a quicker turnaround.

Within just 4-6 weeks, our Fauxwood shutters are available to be fitted in your home. Produced by a leading UK manufacturer, our shutters are durable, reliable, lightweight and have an 8-year guarantee. They don’t crack, chip, warp or fade.


  • Currently available in 4-6 weeks
  • 8-year material guarantee (doesn’t crack, warp or fade)
  • Suitable for every room in the house
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Available in 2 colours

Express Wood

If you would prefer the bespoke finish of wooden luxury shutters, we also have an Express Wood option. We can deliver these shutters in an average time of 25 days, and they are manufactured by our tried and tested supplier.

Wood express shutters are flown directly from the manufacturer rather than shipped, therefore reducing the lead time.

*Please ask for availability on this service. COVID permitting.


  • Lead time averages around 25 days
  • Same Shuttertec warranty
  • Available in the standard wood colours
  • Same high-quality Chinese supplier

Do you want to know more about our express shutters? Get in touch today to book an appointment and discuss your needs with our team of designers!

Check out Shuttertec’s shutters in the wild! Here are a few examples of previous client projects that required shutters with a fast turnaround.