Express Delivery Shutters.

Our express shutters are the ideal solution if you require bespoke shutters as quickly as possible.

Fauxwood Shutters

Our express shutter blinds provide such a brilliant solution for customers who need a quicker turnaround.

Within just 3-4 weeks, our Fauxwood express shutters are available to be fitted in your home. Produced by a leading UK manufacturer, our shutters are durable, reliable, lightweight and have an 10-year guarantee. They don’t crack, chip, warp or fade. They come in the usual array of slat sizes and all the popular options of midrails, splits and much, much more. Don’t let the fact that they are manufactured from PVC put you off. These are high quality and manufactured to last, they’re almost impossible to damage so they are absolutely perfect for heavy handed environments, even more suited for commercial areas like hotels. The panels are reinforced with aluminium to ensure they do not warp, twist or bow. One of the most durable products on the shutter market day.

Wooden Express Shutters

Express Wooden Shutters and Blinds

If you would prefer the bespoke finish of wooden luxury shutters, we also have an Express Wood option. These handcrafted shutter blinds are manufactured right here in the UK from the finest basswood, arguably one of the best materials available for wooden shutters. This means you get the luxury wood shutters with the bonus of a quicker turnaround if you can’t afford to wait the usual 12 weeks. Absolutely ideal if you’re moving into a new home, redecorating or just prefer a UK product! There are 8 different colours available for you to choose from and each panel is lovingly manufactured by a British company who excel at manufacturing shutters. But what if you want another material? MDF perhaps? Easily available in as little as 4-5 weeks, just ask our team for more details.

Express Delivery Shutters Benefits

Fauxwood Shutters

Available in as little as 2 weeks.

Wooden Shutters

Luxury Basswood shutters manufactured right here in the UK.


Express blinds service also available with just a 7-day turnaround.


Same high quality products, just available much quicker