Window Shutters Café Style

Café style shutters are a unique shutter style that only cover the bottom half of a window, leaving the top half open and free to provide your home with lots of natural light. If you love your property to be basking in sunlight but you don’t want to sacrifice privacy, we recommend Café Style shutters.

Why Choose Café Style Shutters?

As you’ll see from the image above and the examples further down the page, Café Style shutters are beautifully crafted and look great in a wide range of environments. If you are looking to improve your window solutions at home, this shutter style not only looks fantastic, but it offers a range of simple yet effective benefits.

Enjoy Light Without Sacrificing Privacy

Café Style shutters only cover the bottom of your window, giving you all the privacy you need while benefitting greatly from a consistent source of natural light. If you have curtains or less effective shutters at home, you’ll know that gaining light and maintaining privacy can be difficult to achieve. This isn’t a problem with Café Style Shutters.

Easily Configure to Increase/Decrease Light

You can easily configure our bespoke Café Style shutters to increase or decrease direct sunlight by adjusting the slats to suit your needs. This shutter style tends to be popular for communal areas, such as a living room or dining room. They are ideal in any room where plenty of light is required, but privacy is a top priority. They can also prove to be a brilliant addition to any room of your home!

Unique Style

Compared to other shutters, Café Style shutters possess a unique style and chic appeal to many homeowners. It also gives you the option to dress your window with curtains if you want even more control over light and privacy. This will also further enhance the sense of class and luxury.

Want to know more about our Café Style shutters and how they can enhance your home’s aesthetic and practicality? Get in touch today to book an appointment and discuss your needs with our team of designers!

Check out Shuttertec’s shutters in the wild! Here are a few examples of previous client projects that included our bespoke Café Style shutters. This shutter style is particularly popular in kitchens, lounges and other ground floor rooms.