Blackout Shutters.

Whether it is blackout shutters for bedrooms to cater to light sleepers or blackout blinds for a living room, we have the nights sleep for you.

Why Choose Blackout Shutters?

When it comes to choosing the right blinds, it is important to note that shutters do bleed light to some degree.

This is because they are made of wood and the slats do not touch all the way. Therefore creating space for light to pass through. However, when it comes to blackout window shutters — this isn’t an issue. These clever shutters have a built-in channel behind the frame that snugly and discreetly houses a blackout blind. This prevents pretty much all of the light from bleeding through and allows you to achieve almost pitch-black when you need to. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want that?

When open, the discreet honeycomb blackout blind is hardly noticeable as it raises to disappear behind the door. In addition, your shutters will look just like any other wooden plantation shutters.

Best of both worlds.

You might ask why though? This is a crucial solution for light sleepers, people who work night shifts or those of you who suffer from migraines or similar conditions.

Why struggle with heavy curtains when you have a bespoke, efficient and simple solution right in front of you? We find these types of shutters that block out light to be particularly a popular option in nurseries and children’s rooms.

They can also be a simple fix for those who have that annoying street lamp right in front of their window. Blackout blinds for shutters are a durable and sturdy window dressing that will withstand the wear and tear of even the busiest family homes.

Blackout Shutters Benefits


Add an extra layer to your home’s insulation

Easy to use

Easily pull the blind down when needed, then pull up to let light into the room


The blinds hide away behind the doors when not in use for a clean look.


Available motorised for the ultimate convenience. No pulling cords