Bay Window Shutters In Essex

Bay windows – these being the window constructions that protrude outward from the main walls of a building, effectively forming a ‘bay’ in a room – have long been much-admired architectural features.

However, they have also historically posed some challenges to property owners when it comes to deciding on the most suitable window dressing. Could our own bespoke bay window shutters be the answer?

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Why Should You Consider Bay Window Shutters?

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The use of bay windows goes back many centuries, and today, they are often particularly strongly associated with the great country manor houses that survive across the UK.

Few of us today who admire great architecture would deny that bay windows often look splendid, although it is important to acknowledge that they first came into being for practical, as much as for aesthetic reasons. Specifically, the purpose of them was to allow more light into a room, as delivered with the help of a larger window surface.

Probably the big downside of that larger window surface, though, is the issues it can pose in terms of the amount of light and heat allowed to enter – or escape – the given room. During the winter, for instance, there’s a lot of scope for heat inside the building to dissipate out of the window. Then, come the summer, you might have the opposite problem with your bay window: heat getting into your home a bit too easily through it, at the very time when you may prefer to minimise that.

It’s a similar story as far as light is concerned, too much of which may flow into the room unimpeded during the brighter months. These, then, are immediate practical reasons to look seriously at bay window shutters, the very purpose of which is to allow the occupants of a building to control the levels of heat and light allowed to enter – or leave – the given space.

Then, of course, there are the aesthetic factors. The right bay window shutters can add to the ‘kerb appeal’ of your home to those passing by from outside. They can also be made on a bespoke basis to suit the shape of your bay window, allowing you to achieve the perfect look and even making the room appear bigger, given that there won’t be anything hanging down or cutting across the front of the bay.


  • Brighten up your room, allowing more light in
  • Allowing heat from the sun enter the room
  • Can control the levels of heat and light allowed to enter
  • Bespoke designs
  • Make your room appear bigger
  • Aesthetic factors

We can make it so easy for you to have the right bay window shutters installed

As you might imagine, as specialists in custom shutters here at Shuttertec, we can create the shutters that ideally suit the shape and dimensions of your bay window – whether it is a box bay, standard angle bay, or multi-angle bay.

Naturally, you will also have a decision to make on the style of the bay window shutters you purchase from us – and rest assured that we can give you a wealth of options!

Full-height shutters tend to be the most sought-after type of bay window shutters, and as their name suggests, they would cover the entirety of your window. As a consequence, you will be able to enjoy the utmost in light and heat control, without the need to have any further window dressing in place.

But some homeowners are drawn to alternatives, such as Café Style or Tier on Tier shutters – and of course, we can advise and guide you on them all. Café Style bay window shutters, for instance, would cover just the bottom part of your window, allowing you to strike a great balance between maintaining privacy and allowing plentiful natural light to enter your property. They look chic, too.

Enquire to our team to make your dream bay window shutters possible!

While it might be technically possible for you to install your own bay window shutters, let’s be honest here: bay windows can and should look amazing, and you will want nothing less than the most impressive finish for your shutters in this part of your abode. For that reason, we really would urge you to call in the most capable and experienced professionals.

With our more than two decades’ combined experience in shutters and blinds, as well as transparent pricing and a commitment to the best customer service, here at Shuttertec, we take pride in helping people like you to realise the window shutters that meet their full range of expectations and needs.