Bespoke & Affordable Window Shutters In Essex

Beautiful interior shutters

Bespoke shutters are an interior design feature that has not only stood the test of time, but they exude class, luxury and a sense of elegance. If these traits are desirable to you and something you most definitely want to reflect in your home or business – look no further.

Unlike other window dressings on the market, bespoke, yet affordable, shutters are not limited when it comes to style or application. They are an extremely flexible and versatile window dressing that complement a vast array of home décor ideas.

With bespoke fitted shutters from Shuttertec, you have many styles, colours, materials and textures to choose from.

Our expert team can install fitted shutters into windows of any shape or size. The benefits of affordable, bespoke shutters include practicality, the potential to increase the thermal efficiency and even increase the value of your property.

Want to know more about our fitted shutters? Check out the descriptions of our products below and click the appropriate link to visit the bespoke interior shutter page you need.

Bespoke Shutter Styles

Our full height shutters are by far our most popular and expansive product. These shutters cover the entire window, offering immense versatility and a wide range of benefits.

Tier on tier shutters offer flexibility unlike any other, allowing you to make the most of natural light and heat, without sacrificing privacy.

Are you looking for a way to maintain the privacy of your home while flooding it with the beauty of natural light? Café style shutters achieve this and then some. 

Tracked shutters are the perfect solution for homes with bi-folding openings or wide patio doors. They offer flexibility, privacy and practicality with a clever ‘pass by’ system.

Still very much in demand, solid panel shutters enhance the aesthetic of any period home. Whether you need to blackout a room or maintain temperature effectively, these shutters are a solid choice.

Every home is different and every homeowner is unique. Colour is a fantastic way to express yourself and embrace creativity with interior design. Achieve this with our custom colour shutters.

If you’re someone who does not have the time to wait for our other bespoke shutters to be installed, express shutters offer the luxury of wooden shutters within 3 weeks. 

Crafted from a high-grade lightweight plastic material, our waterproof shutters are the ideal choice for areas where humidity, condensation and high moisture will affect wood shutters.

Are you a light sleeper, work nights, or have any other reason why you require blackout shutters in your home? Our shutters prevent natural light from bleeding into a room and ensure you don’t need to rely on heavy curtains.

Like what you see? If you want to know more about our range of bespoke affordable wooden shutters and how they can bring new life to your home, don’t hesitate to get in touch today!