Window Shutter Blinds Full Height

Full height window shutters are without a doubt our most popular product, and with good reason. Even if you disregard the genuine beauty and brilliance of the craftsmanship and finish — their versatility is unlike any other and the benefits they offer are unrivalled.

full height shutters in cream lounge

Why Choose Full Height Shutters?

Enhance the Quality and Practicality of Your Home

Full height shutters cover the entirety of the window, therefore providing you with the best thermal protection, natural light control and the ability to easily control noise from outside. By purchasing bespoke shutters you instantly make your entire more home versatile.

Flood your home with natural light when you want to, maintain the room temperature and enjoy peace and quiet — all without having to sacrifice privacy. Sounds perfect, right?

User-Friendly and Easy to Configure

Although their design and finish are as bespoke as it comes, which may lead you to think these shutters are somewhat complex to configure — it couldn’t be easier! Our full height window shutters can be configured quickly and easily to control light, help reduce noise and ensure privacy with a simple turn of the louvre.

You also have the option to include midrails or splits in the panels. This offers significantly more control and essentially provides you with the means to utilise the top and bottom sections independently to suit your needs perfectly.

Unlimited Versatility

Boasting more than 100 different colours, 5 different louvre styles and 3 different tilt rod configurations, these shutters are the most versatile and creative shutter solution in our range. Suited to pretty much every room in your home and capable of accommodating a vast array of style and design ideas, full height shutters are a product we love and want our customers to love!

Want to know more about our full height shutter blinds and how they can improve the quality of your home? Get in touch today to book an appointment and discuss your needs with our team of designers!

Check out Shuttertec’s shutters in the wild! Here are a few examples of previous client projects that included our very popular, bespoke full height shutters.