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At the start of October, we reached out to our Facebook community in search of someone who does good. It may have been a local business or individual, someone who works tirelessly to support others around them or just someone who needed a boost as they'd had a rough year. We had some lovely nominations and it was really difficult to pick any one individual. But, we were alerted to a local lady called Tina-Jane Nye whose son has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). Tina-Janes causes really touched us, not only with her son having DMD but with the work she does to raise money for DMD research.

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Duchenne muscular dystrophy is a muscle-wasting condition caused by the lack of a protein called dystrophin. It usually affects only boys. About 100 boys with Duchenne muscular dystrophy are born in the UK each year and there are about 2,500 boys and young men known to be living with the condition in the UK at any one time. For the general population, the risk of having a child with Duchenne muscular dystrophy is about one in every 3,500-5,000 male births.

Duchenne muscular dystrophy is a serious condition that causes progressive muscle weakness. Owing to the lack of the dystrophin protein, muscle fibres break down and are replaced by fibrous and or fatty tissue causing the muscle to weaken gradually.

At the moment there is no known cure.

Tina-Jane and her family work tirelessly to raise money for DMD in hope of being able to save their little boy.

We hope to be able to give Tina-Jane and her family a little home rejouvination with new shutters throughout the bedrooms. They do so much for DMD research and Georgie we thought it would be nice to give something back to the family.

If you'd like to donate to the Nyes cause you can do so at their Just Giving page:

To see how the installation went, click here

Paul is a close friend of the Shuttertecs and suffers with Spina-Bifida. Pauls' chair is his life and his current one is over 10 years old.The chair itself is heavy, hard to manoeuvre and as Pauls condition gradually worsens, the ability to use the chair is becoming increasingly difficult. Technology changes rapidily, and his new chair would be lighter, faster, more durable and more adaptable to his needs. As Paul is entirely self-sufficient, just getting out and about is hard work but he also needs to manage the chair in and out of his car by himself and the weight of the chair is getting more unbearable. Shuttertec are sponsoring him to build a new chair, and if you can, we'd like you to help too. We appreciate that times are hard but if you could just spare some loose change, it really is going to a great cause.
You can find Pauls Just Giving link below, as well as a link to Spina-Bifida UK.

About Paul
"My name is Paul, I am 41 years old I was born with Spina-Bifida and in my early teens I developed aggressive scoliosis which put me into a wheelchair. Living with any disability is a challenge and for me it’s been being able to get around and live a normal life. I live on my own, my wheel chair is my life. A modern lightweight wheelchair gives me that freedom to propel myself and not rely on others to push me and being light enough to load it into my car on my own.
These chairs are very expensive due to they are custom built for each individual user and made from the latest in lightweight, yet strong materials.
In the past 26 years of being in a wheelchair I have had 3 my first not only enabled me to be out with my friends but also to compete in county basketball competitions, My next chair not only carried on the sport I loved playing but had to adapt into my life as I went to college and passed my driving test, as I got older my 3rd chair had to be super light to help with the stresses put on the curve of my spine when lifting as my back had deteriorated even more as I got older.
The chair I am now trying to raise money for weighs just 14lb, far lighter than my current chair which is 13 years old and very worn out, This should help me to carry on living a normal active life and maintain my mobility."

Thank you to all that helped Paul raise his goal. He managed to achieve his target in no less than 4 months with other peoples generosity and kindness.

For more information Spina-Bifida, click here:
Shuttertec are always looking for ways to help the community and special individuals. If you know someone, or would like to be on this page, or think we could help you, feel free to get in touch.