Spotlight On Cafe Style Shutters

cafe style shutters

In this blog, we’re shining a spotlight on café style shutters – a unique style of window shutters that make a stylish and chic addition to any home.

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How To Clean Window Shutters

A furnished bedroom with window shutters

Like no other product on the market, window shutters ooze elegance, quality and luxury. An interiors dream, thanks to their practicality and design. But, how do you clean window shutters? Once you’ve had your beautiful design fitted, you’ll want to make sure they stay in perfect condition. Whether you’re cleaning them for guests or they’re … Read more

Spotlight On Tier On Tier Shutters

tier on tier shutters

This week on our blog we’re highlighting an often-overlooked product – tier on tier shutters! They’re a great solution for windows with large vertical openings and give great control over light and privacy. Tier on tier shutters are growing in popularity in recent times as more people become aware that the product exists and see … Read more

PowerMotion: Motorised Shutters

Motorised shutters from Shuttertec

Would you like to be able to control the light and privacy levels in your home with the touch of a button? With Motorised Shutters from Shuttertec, you can! In this blog, we’re going to showcase our brand new PowerMotion Motorised Shutters – now available for your home. What Are Motorised Shutters? Motorised shutters, also … Read more

Do Interior Shutters Increase Home Value?

Title graphic for Shuttertec blog entitled Do Interior Shutters Increase Home Value

If you are thinking about selling your home, you’re likely considering ways in which you can increase the value. Revamping the garden, decorating in neutral colours, and having your home deep cleaned are all simple yet effective ways to help your home sell quicker.

You may also be considering updating the window dressing. The question is, do interior shutters increase home value?

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