Are Shutters Warmer Than Curtains?

image of closed shutters in a bathroom for blog by Shuttertec on whether shutters are warmer than curtains

‘Are shutters warmer than curtains?’ is a question we are often asked by savvy shoppers looking for the best way to dress their windows.

Of course, dressing windows is about more than keeping a room warm, but when you look at the amount of heat lost through the windows alone, it is no surprise it is a question high up on everyone’s list.

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According to, up to 30% of all heat in the home is lost through the windows. That means that if you have your heating on for a few hours in the evening, at least one of those hours is just a waste of money, not to mention bad for the environment!

Naturally, we think shutters are far superior to curtains in all ways, which is why we are a premier supplier of shutters to Essex, London, and Kent. But did you know shutters bring some practical benefits as well as looking unbelievably stylish?

Let’s have a look at how shutters can keep your home looking amazing whilst retaining the heat and which shutters do the job the best.

Are Shutters Warmer Than Curtains?

Yes, most people agree shutters are warmer than curtains. There are a couple of reasons for this.

1) Shutters Are A Perfect Fit

Now we aren’t saying curtains aren’t made to measure. Not many people have curtains that are too short or too narrow. But curtains inevitably have gaps around the edges where warm air can seep out.

Not only does this lead to a colder room, but it also enables condensation to build on the windows. Anyone who has ever lived in an older house will agree the very last thing you want to introduce into a home is more moisture and increase the potential for black mould.

Shutters, on the other hand, fit snuggly to the window frame. They are designed, manufactured, and installed to be a tight and perfect fit to the windows, meaning no gaps around which air can escape.

Your room is warmer and your windows don’t get as wet.

2) Draughts Are Eliminated

A big benefit of shutters over curtains is that there are fewer draughts. This is ideal if your windows are in need of an update.

Whether you choose plantation shutters or solid panel shutters, the rigidity of the wood over fabric means draughts are less able to get through.

Plus, as mentioned, they are perfectly and snuggly fitted to each window, so draughts are less likely to get in. 

But that isn’t to say your room will get stuffy. Opening the louvres will allow air to circulate and light to get through.

Unlike curtains, you can let in a little bit of air, rather than having to choose between fully open or fully closed.

How Do We know Shutters Are Warmer Than Curtains?

Everything in your home that insulates it from the outside has an R-Value. This is a ranking of how energy efficient or insulating the material is.

Believe it or not, window shutters and curtains also have an R-Value. The higher the R-Value the more insulating it is.

Shutters have the best R-Value by far.

Chart demonstrating the R value of shutters proving shutters are warmer than curtains
Table showing the R-Value of different window dressings

Choosing Your Shutters

Any shutter will help to keep warmth in your home, but some will be more energy efficient than others.

For example, Café shutters cover half the window. They are fantastic for privacy whilst letting in plenty of light or showing off gorgeous decorative windows. But because they only cover the lower part of the window they don’t keep as much heat in as some other shutters. Tier on tier shutters gives you the best of both worlds.

Solid shutters keep the most heat in and look amazing in period homes. They also work very well in children’s rooms as they keep all the light out when closed.

If you would like to speak to us about the best shutter for your home to maximise warmth and light, why not give us a call?

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